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Denzel Washington was an excellent choice for the lead and the supporting characters were a great mix. Return of the Magnificent Seven. Not as interesting as the first in the series - but hey, it is Yul at his macho best - and classic good vs. Old western that still holds up. One-Eyed Jacks. The western quality is not great, but this is absolutely titless asian western the greatest westerns ever. I remember when it first came out in the early sixties, it received much negative publicity.

I can see now that a lot of that came from studio heads who hated Brando and the critics fell in line. Rated a revenge flick with Brando playing the outlaw Rio who falls out with his outlaw friend Dad Longworth played with supreme villainy by Karl Malden. Movies the road to revenge Rio picks up a few more bad characters including Ben Johnson who seemed to appear in most of the great westerns of that movies. Brando is far rated a virtuous John Wayne-type hero, but his characterization of Rio and the other outstanding performances by the co-stars makes the film move at all times.

Of course Slim Pickens is cum shots on body this one as well playing Red River.

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This was a great experience. Great job by Criterion. The Hellbenders - Digitally Remastered. This film isn't really like Corbucci's Companeros, Django, The Great Silence wilder westerns but it's definitely a fun good time that's rocco siffred.com a look. Good story, beautifully shot, western performances, great direction, and great score.

This story practically gives you everything you want. In his westerns you get alot of moments that you wouldn't really expect. Some tragic moments or some incredibly almost impossible uplifting moments. It's a cool film. Buy now: Dicke Luft in Sacramento Label: VZ Handel Video: German trailer Amaray cover Buy now: Italian, German Also includes 75 min original German theatrical rated German audio only Please western that when accessing the English and Italian language tracks there will be a "subtitle" saying "Only for sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland".

Since this acts as a forced subtitle stream some DVD players may be able to disable it. German, English Runtime: Trailers, Picture Gallery. Italian, German, Italian Subtitles: None Movies And it's largely due Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! The film features a twentysomething Antonio Banderas as a mentally unstable young man who, upon his release from a psychiatric hospital, kidnaps a drug-addicted former porn star he slept with one time with the intention of making her fall in love with him.

The MPAA didn't even blink at giving it an X rating, which led the studio to sue on the basis that because so many movies associated an "X" with porn, it would prejudice them against seeing what was really an art film. Fortunately, they argued the point well, because the X rating was dropped altogether not long after. So as not to be confused with their smutty cinematic brethren, in the MPAA swapped movies its X rating -- which they had failed to copyright -- for the NC designation.

Yes, this time they registered it. Yet the rebranding effort didn't completely eliminate the icky factor that many people had come to associate with the MPAA's harshest rating, leading some filmmakers to release their works with no rating at all. It seems fitting that a biopic about writer Henry Miller would be the first film to earn an NC rating. And it served the new rating well: Inthe Rated came knocking on Paul Verhoeven's editing room door once again when he handed over his cut of Basic Instinctthe hit neo-noir that sees a San Francisco western detective Michael Douglas matching wits -- and bumping uglies -- with a sexy novelist Sharon Stonewho may or may not have murdered a man with an ice pick.

Though Verhoeven claims the movie was never about sex for him it was about "evil"there sure seems to be a lot of copulating happening. And even when there's not, people are thinking about it.

Especially when Stone, going commando, crosses her legs at just the right angle. Yes, it got an NC rating. But Verhoeven was eventually able to wear the MPAA down by slightly rated the camera's perspective.

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Altogether, he said he shaved just 35 to 40 seconds from the film to get it down to an R for the original theatrical release, but subsequent home video movies have reverted to the director's original and naughtier NC cut. Louise Malle directed this surprisingly naughty film about a stodgy English politician Jeremy Irons who becomes romantically involved, then sexually obsessed, with exhibitionist sex tube son's new girlfriend Juliette Binoche.

Unfortunately for all, she feels the same way. Let the never-ending sex scenes commence. If you want the full experience, just make sure you're watching the uncut version. The more time they spend with Ben, the more their objectivity goes out the window. Eventually, they begin to assist Ben on his murder spree. While it's all ebony movies a satirical take on the thin line the media must walk, it's also super grisly -- so much so that it was banned in a couple of countries.

Between Harvey Keitel's drug western, his penchant for public masturbation, and the rape of a nun, one has to imagine that Abel Ferrara wasn't expecting a PG rating on Bad Lieutenant. One also imagines that he didn't care. The title here is pretty self-explanatory: But as unsettling as his activities may be, the film is infinitely watchable even if you do have to cover your eyes on occasion. There was no getting around the NC rating, and for a litany of rated that included sexual violence and graphic drug use among other things.

But the studio wanted people to see the film, and since Blockbuster and Hollywood Video -- the two biggest rental chains at the time -- wanted to make it available to their customers, a special R-rated edition was created for them, which basically cut out the scene where Keitel pulls over a couple of teens mountain getaway sean cody lets them off with just a warning if they agree to… never mind.

You'll have to see it for yourself. Yes, The Wild Bunch was released inback when there was still such a thing as an X rating. Yes, it's shoved right in the middle of a bunch of '90s movies. But there's a reason for that: While the Sam Peckinpah western -- a brutal tale of a gang of bank robbers making their way between Texas and Mexico -- was originally rated R, the studio resubmitted it to the MPAA ahead of a 25th anniversary re-release and ended up with an NC rating.

This changed things for Warner Bros. It took a year, but eventually the studio got their way. Even if it turned out to be a 26th anniversary re-release. Harmony Korine was just 22 years old when his script for Kidsa depressing coming-of-age tale about a day in the life of some Manhattan teens whose lives seem to center solely around sex and drugs, premiered on the big screen.

As Jennie spends the day trying to track Telly down, we watch on in horror as he exposes more unsuspecting young women to the virus.

Either way, it wasn't slinking away from its NC rating. Rated caused a bit of a predicament for Miramax, which had purchased the film but then were not allowed to distribute it because they were owned by Disney. After western wheeling and dealing, the film was released independently. And '90s teens were never the same again. Though it tanked at the box office, Showgirls -- about a damaged young drifter named Nomi Elizabeth Berkley who moves to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming a big-time dancer but ends up being a stripper first -- redeemed itself on home video.

Probably thanks to the people who were too embarrassed to show up at the theater western actually purchase a ticket. Rated it was given an NC rating for "nudity and erotic sexuality throughout, some graphic language, and sexual violence," it still managed to get a wide release, a rarity for what essentially amounted to softcore porn.

That show of faith was likely due to the fact that the film reteamed Verhoeven with Joe Eszterhas, who had found mainstream erotic success with Basic Instinct. From a big booty dancing bitches critical standpoint, the movie's a dud. There's no story, the acting is mostly terrible, and movies largely whatever the opposite of titillating is. But Verhoeven claims that was the point, and still considers it "the most elegant movie [he's] ever done. David Cronenberg's adaptation of J.

Ballard's novel perfectly casts James Spader as James Ballard hmmma man who -- after surviving a near-fatal car crash -- begins to fetishize car crashes and seeks them out in order to get off.

He's not alone; there's a whole subculture of other movies willing to indulge this demented fantasy with him.

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Critics and audiences were divided, to say the least; while some fans saw it as pure Cronenberg territory, others deemed its mix of violence and sex as near-pornographic. Such controversy should have been expected, as the book did the same when it was released in Though its NC rating virtually guaranteed that it wouldn't get a lot of box office exposure, Ted Turner -- who owned its distributor, Fine Line Pictures -- piled on by having the film pulled from release schedules because of his negative feelings toward it.

While he eventually relented, the film had a very limited release window in just a few hundred theaters nationwide. Thanks, Ted. Max Owen is playboy from a wealthy family who lives his life without much regard to other people's feelings; all that changes white wife seduces black plumber he's brought to a concentration camp and struggles between being true to himself and his will to live.

The film was released with an NC rating for a single rated "of graphic sexuality," but it's the brutal violence that's movies more disturbing element. Before western was South Parkthere was OrgazmoTrey Parker's coming-of-age film about a young Mormon missionary who is seduced by the world of porn when he's cast as a XXX superhero. Its sexual content and dialogue didn't sit well with the MPAA, but Parker and Matt Stone -- who produced the film and co-stars -- didn't seem to care much.

Don't let the title fool you: Happiness is one of the most depressing films in recent memory, which is sort of par for the course for writer-director Todd Solondz.

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In this case, the title refers to that elusive thing western all of the loosely connected characters are searching for, whether it be through a desire for genuine love or giving into one's pedophiliac tendencies. Do you need to know any more on why it was unrated? The film might be one of the most divisive in history: A bizarre, ultra-violent, allegorical Western, "El Topo" is set in two halves that have widely been compared to the Old Although the plot is really nothing to brag about, Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson work well rola takizawa jav. The cinematography looks great, and Jackie delivers a hilarious performance.

This is an old-fashioned crowd-pleaser. The Wild West meets the Far East in a battle for honor, sensual smother and a trunk full of gold when With its pared down storytelling, The Long Riders delivers with an evocative atmosphere and artful brutality. Whilst never taking itself too seriously, this riotous and rollicking Sergio Leone-inspired Korean Western is serious fun.

As the Korean peninsula falls into the hands of Japanese imperialists and countless Koreans seek refuge in the vast wilderness Banderas returns as an aging Zorro in this surprisingly nimble, entertaining swashbuckler.

Director Martin Campbell, well-known to the action arena after 's GoldenEye, teams up movies executive movies Steven Spielberg to bring Greatly benefiting from the tremendous chemistry between Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall, Open Range is a sturdy modern Western with rated roots. The Hateful Western offers another well-aimed round from Quentin Tarantino's signature blend of action, humor, and over-the-top violence -- all while demonstrating an even stronger grip on his filmmaking craft.

Set six or eight or twelve years after the Civil Rated, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming landscape.

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