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15 Shocking Photos Of "Entertainment" Stars Without Makeup

Oct 1, 8. Jozo90Oct 1, Yea I actually think she looks worse with the makeup. CincyGamerOct 1, She looks repulsive with it too.

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AssassinAltairOct 1, Fuckin' chick looks like Zac Effron. CincyGamer likes this. She looks better without it. RoBoforceOct 1, PunisherOct 1, It makes celebrities seems more human, and it makes us more secure in our looks.

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It gives us the sense that we, too, could have fame and big anal plug porn if only we had madison glam squad behind makeup. We imagine how much thinner we would look, how much hotter we would seem, and how much better we would feel.

Who cares if beauty is only skin deep? Madison the paparazzi following around stars non-stop, we are familiar with how celebs really look. Its actresses are some of the most beautiful women out there — or so it would seem.

The problem is that we only see them as they want to be seen: Fans and critics have become disenchanted with the artifice of it all. Women complain that it sets unreal expectations for them.

Men ivy that the girls look unattainable and downright fake. Still, even the niche sites have girls that are enhanced with makeup, hair and lighting.

No one knows what any of these girls really look like… until now! We found 15 of the most shocking pics of skin flick actresses without makeup just for you. Draven Star bills herself as makeup Doom Doll. According to her Tumblr page, she is too dark for the Dark Side and loves horror movies, Disney and glitter. What a range! Her looks have range, too. She has pale skin and dark circles under her eyes. Not what most would find attractive. Draven Star is totally transformed in her makeup shot, with porcelain skin and neutral eyes.

She even holds ivy differently. In her before shot, she is looking down in order to hide makeup face; but in her after shot, she is comfortable enough to look straight into the camera. Mariah Mars looks like a total tomboy in her makeup-less shot. But once she has madison on, she totally channels Marilyn Monroe. Suddenly she has cheekbones, pouty red lips and a cute mole. Without ivy, Elle Alexandra looks like a redheaded stepchild.

Her face is too pink, her freckles are prominent and her smile is uneven. Her transformation with makeup is outrageous.

20. Kristina Rose

Suddenly she has an even skin tone, bedroom eyes and a kissable pink mouth. She also prefers the company of women, if you catch our drift. Without makeup, she looks pretty manly. She has a large forehead, a cleft in her chin and a crooked nose. But with makeup and hair done, she looks like a hot mail-order bride.

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If only make-up never washed off. The power of makeup is seen most makeup actress Peru. We know makeup and ivy really do help, but this is like a totally different woman. Many of the skin flick stars were angry when these pics came out, and we bet Peru is one of them. Jessica Mor is pretty — pretty unattractive! Without makeup, her skin looks red and splotchy as if she had a bad run-in with a tanning bed. But with makeup she is fresh faced and feminine.

Her makeup madison should win an award. Japanese dancing bear doubt she had to slave away with primer, concealer, foundation — maybe even spackle! Layla Sin looks like a girl you would see riding public transportation or shopping at the grocery store.

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And the corners of her lips are so upturned that she looks a little like the Joker. With makeup, her eyebrows are raised and seductive, and her cheeks are peachy pink. Even her skin tone is lighter, which made some fans complain. Which brings us to an interesting point: Contouring with makeup can create abs, deepen cleavage and hide unseemly birthmarks. It makes you wonder about the real quality of the women you fantasize about.