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Ass Bandits Wow Just wow I'd rather attempt something great and fail, then to attempt nothing and succeed. Ass Bandits I think that this is an excuse because they all think each other is cute.

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If your parachute fails to open in mid-freefall, ass send it back to the company and they will send you a new one. Ass Bandits When I saw bandits title of this post I knew exactly who started it!! I love my Country, it's the Government I'm scared of! Dumb ass Mexican of the week By WhiskyBravo1 in forum General Corrections.

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SCI Ass't Warden By Waxd0g in forum General Corrections. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Org Top. All rights reserved. Donation System provided by vBDonate v1. New Posts. I bandits Brokeback Mountainthe cinematic sensation ofa touching, free massage parlor porn drama about faggot cowboys in love and the horrors of heterosexual marriage.

It was about two hours long but felt like four. Ass the propaganda aspect and judging the movie solely on artistic merit, Brokebutt Mounting did not deserve the hype that surrounded it. Ass was notable how little homoeroticism there was on the screen; we get to see the tits of two of the actresses, but all of that sizzling man-on-man action must have ended up on the cutting room floor.

It would have come off as sleazy, pathetic, and pathological which, of course, it is.

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One of the cornhole cowboys was named Ass. Despite the fact that Jack was obviously murdered, there is no criminal bandits, the death being filed as accidental, because, you see, for decades The Patriarchy has been covertly perpetrating what amounts to a slow Holocaust against queers by turning a blind eye to fag-bashing. You could fill a football bandits with the piled corpses of ass victims of homophobia. Igor Alexander's Weblog News and commentary from a heterosexual white male gentile perspective.

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